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"Orthosis" means a custom-fabricated or custom-fitted medical device designed to provide for the support, alignment, prevention, or correction of a neuromuscular or musculoskeletal disease, injury, or deformity. The term does not include: a fabric or elastic support, corset, arch support, low-temperature plastic splint, truss, elastic hose, cane, crutch, soft cervical collar, orthosis for diagnostic or evaluation purposes, dental appliance, or any other similar device carried in stock and sold by a drugstore, department store, or corset shop.


Prosthesis means a custom-fabricated or custom-fitted medical device used to replace a missing limb, appendage, or other external human body part but that is not surgically implanted. The term includes an artificial limb, hand, or foot. The term does not include: an artificial eye, ear, finger, or toe; a dental appliance; a cosmetic device, including an artificial breast, eyelash, or wig; or another device that does not have a significant impact on the musculoskeletal functions of the body.

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